SARANGHAE<33 - Primadonna Fighting!

hongki selcas 2014 

06/20 pics of sexy guitarist Choi JongHun

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treasure, that is what you are HONEY YOU ARE MY GOLDEN STAR.
I can’t believe it’s your birthday right now, time flies lmao. I don’t even have words to describe how much i love you and this shitty edit it doesnt matter lol but i’m so proud of you in so many ways. In the past you felt horrible, alone, full of pain and mad, we all saw you going  through bad times but here you are now, shining as always. I’m very happy to know that everything goes like you want these days, your drama, the tour, you new instagram account LOL idk, it seems you are more stronger than yesterday and i can see it, all the fandom can see it and that’s the most wonderful gift you can give to all of us. There are still more birthdays to celebrate in your way and i hope in every of them you receive more love and happiness, because you deserve it for the rest of your life for being such a babo puppy, i mean yeah lol you do a lot for us, for your primadonnas and friends so you deserve a lot of recognition and respect…I wish you stay healthy and surrounded of love from your family and the guys, not much of the girls lmao just kidding. I hope you stay in calm with yourself and never let down bc i know you will reach those goals you’re always saying on stage, that you want to make your own music…with your own lyrics and i know you will very soon, keep focused and never stop working for it.
I love you hongki, happy birthday.

I Believe Myself - FTISLAND